23 Cute DIY Pumpkin Painting Ideas For Halloween


Halloween doesn’t feel complete without decorative pumpkins scattered all over the house and front porch, and if you think carving pumpkins is a hassle and often ends in failure, then try to find an easy and practical solution. Painting pumpkins is a great alternative, it’s not messy, and there are no sharp tools, so anyone in the family from children to the elderly can do it. Actually carving a pumpkin is not an easy task.

This requires a lot of patience, as well as quite intensive cleaning. Pumpkin painting is the perfect alternative to pumpkin carving, and I think the result is prettier than a traditional jack-o-lantern. This post we want to inspire you with the most adorable pumpkin painting ideas for Halloween, no matter if you are an artist, beginner, or even a child, there are ideas for everyone here. Let’s see!


Easy ways to paint Halloween pumpkins

Before you start, cover everything including yourself with protective paper, to make sure you don’t spend more time cleaning than painting. The next step is cleaning the pumpkin, and making sure the surface of the pumpkin must be really nice and clean without any paint. Feel free to use sandpaper if you need to smooth out some of the corners to make them look smooth. Start by applying some paint or stencil over the pumpkin with the theme you want, no need to be afraid of the final result because I only paint pumpkins that I can make myself, so this is perfect for amateurs.

After you have finished painting the pumpkin, place the pumpkin under a place that is protected from wind and direct sunlight which can damage your dryer paint. And if you want to paint pumpkins with the kids, check out some of our handpicked cute finger paint ideas and shapes. Painting pumpkins is the easiest way without having to make too much of a mess. Scroll down and get inspired!


Halloween pumpkin painting for beginners

You don’t have to be an artist to get a cool Halloween pumpkin painting. For beginners, you can look for easy and interesting painting ideas. First of all, decide on your color scheme and it doesn’t always have to be black or dark, some bright colors like neon, bold colors, and even pastels if you like. Painting pumpkins in bold, unique colors will liven up the atmosphere in the room. Another idea, adding letters or using color blocking can make a big impact without breaking the bank. A splash of paint or watercolor will also make your Halloween pumpkin brighter and more interesting. Consider painting something easy like a simple face, a little monster, or a ghost.


Halloween pumpkin painting for kids

Kids love the cute pumpkin painting, and they will love participating in this project. You don’t have to be a great painter or have a well-equipped art studio to create pumpkin paintings. Trust me, you only need a special paint that can stick to the surface of the pumpkin because not all types of paint are suitable for pumpkins.

Here are some pumpkin painting inspirations for your next Halloween DIY project list!





















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