7 Easy And Creative Storage Ideas For Small Space


When you want to add storage space to a small room, obviously you have to be a little creative to keep things looking neat. However, due to limited space, there are lots of small room layout ideas that you can apply if your room is really narrow. From now on, try to think outside the box, we firmly believe that creativity is the answer to many of life’s problems, especially those related to the household. There are lots of storage ideas as a solution to efficiently utilize space, even the corners of the room to hidden places can be used as extra storage.

If throwing out or big cleanup were easy, we would all do it. However, sometimes there are items or at least important items that may have their own memories. So we should at least find a solution for storage. The following are some easy organization ideas for our favorite small spaces. So, please scroll down and find the most suitable storage ideas for your own space.

1. Wall storage


This is the most common type of storage from taking advantage of small spaces. This concept combines wall-mounted cabinets and shelves. The reason is, cabinets usually take up a lot of space so the wall is the most practical area to put them.

2. Storage made higher


Lack of storage space is always a problem, especially for tiny homes. In a taller room it is a solution because a raised shelf will be more effective without sacrificing the space below. You can build a storage area on the ceiling or on a higher place to store things more efficiently.

3. Under storage


The storage ideas below are very practical and don’t require extra space. You can fill in the space under furniture, such as under the bed which is equipped with drawers and cabinets for storing things.

4. Integrated with furniture


The next creative way is to integrate storage with other furniture. For example, the stairs are the most ideal area for placing goods. How to use the empty area under the stairs to turn it into a hidden storage room, coat closet, bookshelves, and much more.

5. Storage standing


Storage area as well as room divider? You can try this creative idea for making storage at home. Standing storage will make it easier for you to store and display personal collection items, while the design made of wood separates one space from another.

6. Storage on the floor


In floor storage ideas, the ceiling can be made higher so you can take advantage of the space underneath. However, floor storage is limited to certain items you want to store because they are usually only used to store books and small items.

7. Secret storage room


Building a secret room is not only fun to bring back childhood memories, but you can also use this room to store things. Build secret doors, secret wardrobes or secluded corners connected to hidden storage rooms.


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