Creatures Inc: Nendo New Office Inspired Pokémon Trading Card Game


Who here doesn’t know Pokemon? I think most kids in the 90s have fond memories of the trading card game Pokemon. Until now, Pokemon has been adapted to many games, films, and card games, which are still the company’s initial foundation. So when Nendo was tasked with designing a massive new space for Pokemon co-creator Creatures Inc., the design firm looked to take inspiration and nostalgia from the company’s iconic trading card.

As one of three Pokemon companies, Creatures Inc. engaged primarily in the development of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, this is the development of digital games derived from the Pokemon video game series, and the production of the 3D modeling and motion design of Pokemon. The start of the project was to design the entrance and meeting space for their new office.


A project with an emotional touch

Since it was first released in October 1996, Pokemon Trading Card Game has become a part of the lifestyle so that it is loved by fans all over the world. Nendo took great inspiration from this corporate icon and carefully implemented it throughout the office space, resulting in a unique, fun and attractive workspace marked by thousands of steel trading cards. The card is produced by first printing large sheets with a constellation of complex designs, then cutting into small pieces with a width of 63 mm and a length of 88 mm. What makes the cards so special is that each piece is filled with creative ideas with a touch of emotional value. So, office interior design refers to the vocabulary from the card making process.


Unusual office design

Nendo wanted to avoid conventional office designs. It means leaving the traditional concept with a rectangular table in a rectangular room. Interiors come in all shapes and sizes, consisting of curved walls. Moreover, creating each table with native organic shapes allows users to adapt the layout according to the format of the meeting and the number of attendees. This concept is inspired by the story behind the various organic shapes that were incorporated into the original Creatures Inc. logo. It reveals how living things have evolved by adapting to their environment or circumstances and how companies aim to stay like them. The design is a reference to reflect that sentiment in the office environment.


Intricate and complex designs

Nendo realized that the design process was complicated and complex. Designers feature abstract graphic patterns that express the characteristics of Pokemon Trading Cards in their original size engraved on 2.3mm thick steel sheet with a laser cutter. After being cut into card shapes, each piece is manually bent at twelve different angles to control the user’s view while adding texture to the space. If you look closely, besides the usual card design, there are nine types of Energy cards as “secret items”, each of which is hidden inside.














designer: Nendo


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