Fun And Colorful, 20 Boho Chic Christmas Decorations


Boho style decoration is currently a trend in home decoration, especially during the Christmas holiday celebrations. And if you happen to be a free-spirited person, then you should have at least a boho chic style room in your favorite style. Bohemian style is my first choice for this Christmas because of all the neutrals and its similarity to farmhouse style. However, this style is also easy to display in a unique way, for example bold colors, extreme patterns, Moroccan and gypsy touches, or woven decorations that look very aesthetic.

Boho style Christmas is easier to apply because there are no specific rules. Do you want to make it look rustic? Or cheerful by adding lots of color schemes? That’s boho chic Christmas style. Today I want to inspire you to create a boho chic Christmas decor idea that will awaken your inner hippie. Please scroll down and one of the boldest Christmas ideas!


Boho Christmas Tree

A boho chic style Christmas tree can be very attractive with its colorful display. You can decorate it with vintage and gypsy ornaments, pom-poms and colorful garlands, of course the twinkling lights cannot be missing. You can hang Christmas tree sticks on the wall and decorate them with colorful ornaments. The more gypsy colors and patterns you use, the more fun you will have. So, try mixing different styles together in one Bohemian-inspired Christmas tree.


Boho Christmas Ornament

Add colorful gypsy ornaments and create a unique look. You can crochet it, make a dream catcher with feathers, a crystal sun catcher, a macrame decoration, or make a boho wreath. Lay out some vintage ornaments and create embellishments using an embroidery hoop and thick ribbon. Decorations like this don’t require a tree so it’s more budget-friendly, just hang it on a rope or on a window and your house will have a boho vibe. You can also put it on the mantelpiece or store it in a jar as a Christmas party decoration.


Boho Christmas Wreath

Making a Christmas wreath while still being inspired by the boho style is an interesting idea. Make evergreen Christmas wreaths, garlands entwined with lights, and various dream catchers. Macrame and crochet are the hallmarks of boho style, while colorful pompoms will make your home warmer and more playful. You can also make a wreath from wooden sticks and greenery for a natural feel.


Boho Christmas Décor

Apart from the Christmas ideas that we have discussed, there are still many ways to apply boho style to your Christmas. For example, hang pomanders and stars above the table, cover the benches with faux fur for comfort. You can also use colorful pompoms or fabric balls to hang and place wherever you like. Wooden logs with candles, berries, and flowers make great centerpieces, and patchwork blankets can be used as tablecloths. Another idea, Stockings will continue the theme of decoration. You can easily sew, crochet, or knit some stockings and decorate them with peace signs, beads, and feathers. Hopefully inspired!




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