Portable Rechargeable Microwave That Is Easy To Carry Anywhere


What do you think if there is a microwave that is easy to carry anywhere including at work and outdoors? A Japanese company, Makita, made this happen in a portable and rechargeable microwave project to operate it. The microwave is completely cordless, using a 40-volt battery on the back of the appliance, and designers say the microwave works even when only one battery pack is used, while the other batteries can be used as a backup.

The design itself is reminiscent of a classic styled FM stereo stereo or toolbox taken from one handle on top. On the back of the Makita microwave there is a dedicated USB slot for charging electronics on the go with its Type-A design and a maximum charging output of 2.4 A. The operation panel is easy enough to get the microwave working, mainly leaning on the play-and-pause function.

In addition to the above functions, the microwave has an output option that can switch from 500W to 350W to ensure that the battery does not run out quickly. A portable, rechargeable microwave is also suitable for those of you who are traveling, camping, or are in remote places without a power source.


Microwave makita is equipped with a shoulder strap that makes it easier for you to carry it anywhere. Although it looks small, this microwave can actually hold up to 8 liters capacity meaning large lunch boxes and bento boxes can fit inside. The company assures that a flat square plate in the microwave can be cleaned by simply wiping the stain with a damp cloth. Under the microwave, the sponge filter sits on the grill and can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner.

Makita claims that once users insert the two battery packs into the dedicated slots on the back, the machine can reheat around 11 lunch boxes and 20 200 ml drink cups. When tilted, the portable microwave may not work, so it must be placed on a flat surface. For those of you who are often forgetful and haven’t opened the appliance door after the food has been reheated, you can take advantage of the beep that sounds every minute to remind you that you have to take a freshly heated lunch box.






Makita is currently available for order in Japan for the hefty price tag of 110,000 yen (about 825 USD) excluding tax, battery and charger. So, if you are curious, you can visit a site that displays details about them.

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