20 Most Adorable Pastel Playroom Color Ideas


Creating a kids playroom is not as easy as we imagine, it must be functional and practical, visually attractive, environmentally friendly and safe for children, and combining all these features is not an easy task. The solution, you may have to think outside the box and perhaps imagine a playroom that doesn’t have to follow all the rules because the room can be as unique and unusual as you think. However, a good playroom still has to have a creative and colorful design to make children feel at home playing for hours throughout the day.

A pastel colored playroom is every little girl’s dream, but today we want to show one for all genders. From bright yellows, pretty pinks and calming mint they all work together beautifully. We love this color scheme paired with crisp white to tone it down a bit. Add some wood accents to the furniture, as well as unexpected details like pastel paintings on the bookshelves on the wall. The beautiful pastel color combination is a fun pop of color to continue the playroom design down to the last detail. Get some easy tips to do it!


What pastel colors are suitable for a playroom?

Basically you can choose all kinds of pastel colors, from light blue, green, pink, to warm yellow. If you combine several pastel colors to create a complete color palette, consider the intensity and brightness so that the playroom doesn’t look monotonous. So, the color combination must be on the same level if you want a more cohesive space. Also consider how many pastel colors you will include, the intensity of the colors, and whether you want to use an ombre or gradient effect, all color compositions will have a big impact.


What styles welcome pastel colors?

In the past, pastel colors were only applied to shabby chic and vintage style rooms, but now you can see them in many other interiors, including kids playrooms. Pastel colors are actually suitable for any style, from modern, contemporary, vintage, to minimalist, the idea is about how much pastel color you will add and what colors you like. Mix pastel colors for a modern and fresh look or choose just one color to get a playroom with a vintage and elegant feel. You can mix pastels anywhere, if you do it the right way.


Pastel playroom decorating ideas

There are many ways to add pastel colors to a playroom, and the easiest one is to rock pastel colored walls in the playroom. All walls can be pastel colored, or you can choose one of the accent walls, for example gradient or ombre for a bolder look. Consider using pastel colored textiles such as curtains, rugs, upholstery, and many more. This is the most budget-friendly way and you can swap it whenever you want. You can also add pastel colors to the furniture, for example covering a kids play area, pastel colored study chairs or tables, or pastel bookshelves that will attract attention. Decorations and works of art, various accessories in pastel shades will be another cool way to combine pastel colors into the playroom decoration. Enjoy!


















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