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Plywood shelf is designed for those who want to experience new touch with a floating effect. The first thing you can use as a bookshelf for your favorite books, you can also use it to store DVDs, LPs, tablets, cutting boards or anything you like because shelf is very versatile for objects with similar shapes. Plywood shelf has three different options in the placement of an object consisting from left, horizontal and objects from right. This shelf is equipped with screws and dowels, you also have to remember that wood is a natural product and has a variation thus each  [ Read More ]

Bookcase is not just a medium for storing a collection of books and magazines. It is about how you collect the books on your bookshelf, as book lovers each room can be an opportunity to design a bookshelf that I wanted. Modern bookcase is more than just attractive, bookcase also designed functional and is expected to blend with the room. Some bookcase designs even like to be a part of the room itself, such as a bookcase divider, bookcase cabinets, or the built-in bookcase that can be placed in every room. So let bookshelf represent your personality and style, in  [ Read More ]

Are you a collector books and like to spend time just to read a book? Maybe you’re tired of just piling your book along the window, maybe now it’s time to take a more creative approach. If you are an avid reader who is looking for a creative way to display a collection of your favorite book or you do not want to bookshelf ordinary as can be found in almost every home. Top 10 DIY bookshelf design is a unique display that tells a story of your personal style, the best collections we collect to help you find a  [ Read More ]

This bookend designed using original handmade wood. Night Owl bookends are extra cute with forest theme for the nursery or kids room. This cute collection exhibited through etsy, I think Night owl bookend is the perfect partner to perch on your kids bookshelf. All bookends are made with multi-step process of sanding smooth and clear, environmentally friendly materials are also used to improve and protect the beauty of the wood, durable and protects you from moisture and ultraviolet exposure. Collection bookends available for size 3.25 “x 6.75” x 6.75 “. This gives you the option that fits your needs, the  [ Read More ]

DIY bookshelves is made from quality pine and fit 90 degree wall corner. All shelf described weathered finish with stain applied on the outer edge, while white accents are applied as line the shelves. You can find them on etsy site for more advanced options, racks will be sanded and all holes filled, ready for you to paint or stain in any style you want. All racks come with keyhole corner mounted for ease of installation and sturdy as a garnish. This rack is equipped with the option to hang shelves long side to the left or to the right.  [ Read More ]