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Whether you realize it or not, fences and gates are very important if you have a small garden or farm in the backyard. The fence will keep your garden and livestock from the threat of foxes or pests that are often disturbing, this also applies to making children always safe when they do outdoor activities. I currently want to build a long-term fence for our backyard. Some ideas are very practical by using wooden pallets with chicken wire to keep them safe from visiting foxes, although this time I want to find a truly affordable garden fence idea, even I  [ Read More ]

We all agree that the most favorite outside area is the backyard. Here is not only a beautiful place as a retreat or a garden, but also the best place to escape from the boredom and all your activities. If you happen to be a person who likes gardening, surely you want to get a green and refreshing outside area. I think something about being surrounded by plants always calms the soul and warms the heart of everyone who sees it. Today I would like to invite you to try to build your own little retreat, a place where you  [ Read More ]

Don’t let your gardening hobby have to stop in winter. The reason is, there are still many creative ways to plant your favorite plants even though the weather outside is really not possible. Winter gardens are made for those who want to stay active without having to leave home, even now winter gardens are very popular and become part of homes that are integrated with the interior. These gardens are usually in the backyard, connected with the house using metal and glass, so you can still plant tropical or semi-tropical plants even though the air outside is quite cold. Winter  [ Read More ]

Everyone has their own garden design, whether it’s a secret garden, cottage garden, or a small garden in the backyard. But one thing is the same and can be made in many ways, that is, garden fences and gates must remain simple even though you have a complicated garden design. The garden gate is the main entrance into your little paradise, so the garden gate must have a good design and according to your garden scheme. We all know the garden and nature are inseparable, so I’m including people who are happy to include more elements of nature into any  [ Read More ]

I am not one of those who likes to spend time taking care of the park, especially if you have to devote your mind and energy to caring for plants. But that doesn’t mean I’m not in love with the beauty and amazing outdoor landscape. I believe many of you are like me, and choosing the right garden decoration is not an easy job. Desert landscaping is the first reason to start realizing what I expected, landscaping ideas is often springing up almost on every page that I found of all shapes, sizes and styles vary. Of course, this is  [ Read More ]