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Kids world is a very important golden age in the growth of a child. Kids are identical to a fun game. There are many ways to educate children so they can learn while playing. One of them is gardening in a unique and fun way. Many items in their environment that can be used for the media to plant. Gardening will be a wonderful thing for them as we provide easy ways to grow crops. Indoor gardening one of the easy ways. Items or toys that are not used can be used as a planting medium. There are several creative  [ Read More ]

Introducing your kids with nature and the environment will give them a lot of valuable lessons. Do not be afraid to let children play the dirt or make their clothes dirty, give your child a place to explore nature, gardening and how things grow by adding outdoor play rooms. As the day started to cool, and we all try outside the home, especially the kids will really enjoy their time playing. That’s when you should start thinking about your kids garden ideas outside, and today I’ve put together some cool ideas from the children’s garden with an amazing play area.  [ Read More ]

Ever dreamed of owning a private city garden, when it’s hard to take time off and enjoy a nice weekend getaway. It started raining right now, and I know how to capture all the beauty that God has given. There is a wisdom when the back garden is full of wild plants, my garden will drink it, the grass will turn green and maybe my channel will be a little waterlogged. It is okay, with all the promised gifts, I imagine to have a private city garden with a beautiful beach vibe like the new landscape design “Bondi” by Adam  [ Read More ]

Good garden decor will make anyone feel at home for a longer being outdoors. In addition to the selection of plants, furniture, and garden accessories, there is one more thing that became my favorite. Garden fountains are simple and interesting way to add a wonderful element to your landscape, creating a stunning visual interest, reduce noise pollution by moving water, and most importantly can relaxing your mood. Since long time the sound of water is believed to provide a natural relaxation in the body and soul, it will be very useful for those of you who need natural therapy without  [ Read More ]

Nowadays people prefer to spend time outdoors instead of having to stay indoors. Therefore, outdoor decoration becomes very important when we talk about the open living space. Pergola is probably one of my favorites to decorate this outdoor area, and today I want to share how to make your outdoor area so beautiful with the idea of a modern pergola. The needs of today’s lifestyle, make me more happy to choose the design of modern pergola. Covered by plants or not, wooden structures will add elegance and romance to your garden, patio, and outdoor area. Pergola becomes a garden structure  [ Read More ]