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The bathroom was probably hidden and private area, perhaps the reason that makes the bathroom to get the short end of the stick decorations. If many people prefer to decorate their bedrooms, or beautify the living room to show off, then what about the bathroom? Not a few people often forget this important area. If we reflect and think again, isn’t the bathroom the first place you start the day and your last place to unwind. So, I think the bathroom deserves more attention to support your comfort. There’s no more reason you don’t have time for bathroom decor because  [ Read More ]

The main key to getting a comfortable home is a good storage system. No matter how beautiful your home is, if you can’t afford to keep all your needs, the house will always be a mess. For this reason, a clean and tidy house is very important to support your comfort at home. Many people use the shelves to place objects such as books, action figures, or other collections. There are so many types and designs that you can easily get on the market, or for those who are creative, they will be very happy to make their own from  [ Read More ]

Everyone has dreams of a beautiful house equipped with facilities that pamper owners, although there is an expression of a beautiful home that does not have a large and luxurious. Sometimes a small house and not too big actually gives more warmth and comfort to its occupants, and that depends on the decoration of the house that you have done. If you are a big family but don’t have enough land to build a big house, then a two-story or more house is the easiest solution. The two-story house design gives its occupants the extra space needed for some additional  [ Read More ]

Soon to be June, that means warm days are still going on to give joy to the whole family. Summer gives a lot of fun inside or outside the room, if yesterday we have inspired you with so many fun things outside such as swimming and gardening, then today we will shift into the house. Creating a Bohemian living room means giving an atmosphere that is truly different and personal to you. This style not only gives your living room an artistic design and some ethnic pieces, but Boho chic living room is a combination of freestyle and natural elements  [ Read More ]

The holiday season will soon be over, that means piles of school work and homework back to arrive. I feel this is like part of the life of kids whether they like it or not. Entering the new school year, what can we do to help children love their lessons? So that children are more enthusiastic about the new school year, what if you make a little change in their study space to support their developing personality. This kids study room inspiration is fresh and fun, has an inspiring study desk design, along with a number of shelves and brilliant  [ Read More ]