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Having a beautiful garden is everyone’s dream, and that is a different story for those who have never had enough land to do it. While those of you who are lucky enough have a garden in the courtyard, you should really pay attention to the beauty of your garden from now because the park is probably a great place to spend some time towards the end of this summer. A good garden is also a favorite playground for children, it will be better than they have to play far outside the house, which is why garden designs must always be  [ Read More ]

Do you realize that every day our earth is getting damaged and old? If left like this it is not impossible that our next generation will be difficult to get a clean environment because there is no more concerned with the natural surroundings. Various efforts were made to suppress air pollution and plant trees as much as possible to keep the air clean and away from pollution. I am sure you are also among those who love the earth and care about the environment, and if you are one of them why we are not trying to add more natural  [ Read More ]

Talking about designing and decorating kids bedrooms will certainly not be endless, this is also a difficult choice if we have to determine the decorating idea that is most appropriate for their room. I think the wishes of children is often fickle and they are also fast with what they have, this is what makes designing a kids room is not as easy as you might think because it must match the mood and desires. Children usually like things that are appropriate for their age, where they still enjoy playing and getting to know new interesting things. They seem to  [ Read More ]

For those of you who consider pets to be part of the family, then you should look at modern cat cages designed by interior design firm, INDOT. They have successfully completed the special cat enclosure for their customers, a unique cat enclosure design that are part of the interior. Having a special room to be enjoyed by all cats adopted, it almost looks like a cat family enclosure. Minimalist design with wood and glass boxes has several doors to make it easier for cats to get in and out, supported by iron pipes and hung to allow cats to look  [ Read More ]

I believe each time with family is the most precious moments, intulah why I always capture in a family photo. Maybe you can find out how to make a wall frame gallery on Pinterest, but I’m sure many of you don’t know how family photos should be made for decoration or wall art. Making your own gallery frame wall is really fun, and today I want to show you in a few simple steps and tips. Now every moment in the family is very easy to capture through photos, even many parents use a smartphone full of photos. But like  [ Read More ]