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The water environment is the freest area for public areas, as seen on a floating island located in the harbor of Copenhagen that looks different life. Designed by Australian architect Marshall Blecher and Danish designer Magnus Maarbjerg, they imagined a platform measuring 20 square meters, floating on water. All parts are made of wood and consists of lime trees are still growing, this peaceful island is an initial plan for the project is even greater, which is called the Copenhagen Islands. Obviously indeed, this design has the ambition to create some cellular space, floating and free from the public. It  [ Read More ]

On these hot days there is nothing more fun than to soak in the pool while enjoying the natural surroundings. When it comes to summer, I’m sure the things that come to mind are holidays, beaches and swimming pools. But specifically, today I am really interested in a beautiful summer swimming pool. Even when I write this article, there are so many dreamy swimming pools that I want to present in the gallery to help you relax and replenish your body. You don’t have to go to the end of the world to get a pleasant summer experience, located on  [ Read More ]

There are many creative ways to beautify the house and add aesthetics to your interior. One of them is how to do quick repairs that you can do without having to spend a lot of budget, so why not try painting your door? Incidentally I am among those who like the bright colors, and the countless how many beautiful front door ever want me to apply to the front door. Instead of having to enter all the ideas for the color of the front door, I had to determine the color that was most suitable for my next door, although  [ Read More ]

I don’t know about you, but for me, visiting a coffee shop is like an escape from all daily activities. This is my favorite place than a cafe or a fancy restaurant, despite the fact that the main reason is able to save even more. I also have to admit that coffee is a drink that is able to inspire and inspire when our brain is tired. This reason makes me able to stay in a coffee shop for a long time and talk to the people closest to me. Maybe there are those of us who dream, it would  [ Read More ]

Everyone has their own favorite interior style, and one that is popular today is Scandinavian style. The decor is to use the concept of clean and white, Scandinavian style often used for home interior is simple but beautiful. This style, which is dominated by white and gray, chooses minimalist furniture as the main characteristic, and adding a smooth finish with a round coffee table can be a stylish and functional part of your living room. In addition to color selection, furniture is very important to create the Scandinavian style you dream of. Adding a round coffee table is an effective  [ Read More ]