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Life of musicians is always full of controversy, other than those known for music that remains timeless, there are many young people in world who try to follow the trail as well as their lifestyle. Maybe you are curious about bedroom musicians, place where miracles happen today. Here’s a bedroom design with 15 musicians ideas, although many of the musicians who have gone, but the music they always have place in hearts of his fans. We gather bedroom ideas and found many amazing decorations in their room, you may also want to think back to their heyday in music world.  [ Read More ]

Lifestyle trends have progressed to next stage, including desire of many people to have modern apartment with all luxury amenities offered. Modern and futuristic apartments located in Sweden was the inspiration in building apartments design like that everybody wants, this apartment is small part of expectations that will give you lots of attractive apartment ideas. Interior is dominated by modern contemporary furnishings, this apartment has two stairways that connect the upper floors, while black and white made chic decor with modern apartment concept. Room is more open to the uneven circulation of cool air, wooden floors also make cold apartment,  [ Read More ]

Bookshelf by Atelier 010 has addressed the challenges of the functional bookshelf design, this bookshelf has curved shape is also place to sit and relaxing while you read book. bookshelf ideas take the concept of an intelligent functional, curved shape by thin layer of MDF and is very comfortable to linger in it. Outside wall painted varied, white inner layer, orange looked fresh as seat, while green just coating outside. Combination three colors that make charming bookshelf designs, additional reading lights also miss enhance your reading time. If you are a hobby of reading the book shelf design by Atelier  [ Read More ]

Girl bedroom always looks cheerful and colorful, they could have made bedroom design with a style of their own, especially about color that suits their lives. Pink is color required for girls bedroom decor, these colors depict young and feminine style, you can mix pink color with various favorite colors in bedroom, such as pink and white bedroom, bedroom pink and black and more color mix another interesting. We are here to give you girls bedroom ideas with pink color, may give you fresh inspiration in creating dream bedroom design, so do not miss to watch!

Provide lighting for room more beautiful with modern tree floor lamps theme, collection of latest floor lamp design to take tree ideas that make this lamp looks unique. These lights can be arranged according to your needs, change the high or low light use and very functional. Tree floor lamps design have 5 main lamp on each branch, this makes whole room gets the necessary lighting. Tree floor lamps looks like it can be used as complement to your furniture, place it in living room or bedroom to sleep will definitely be fun. Here is floor lamps design for your  [ Read More ]