Eclectic apartment designed by Sarah Lavoine and has an 250 square meters. Located in Paris, France overlooking the Louvre museum, Sarah completely redesign the family remodeling project. She did an outstanding approach, sharpening contemporary Paris to focus on the color and quality. Each room is likely to have a function in a way that feels new and fresh, if you look through this new project then I am sure you want to immediately book a ticket to Paris and ready. I can only say this apartment is amazing, when walking in the apartment I found the concept of the room  [ Read More ]

This cool apartments inspired by Marvel heroes, interior projects sent by designers in House Design, an interior design company based in Taiwan. The initial idea was that this apartment can adapt hero for apartment owners who want to have their own castle where he can relax after a tiring day at work. The result is quite surprising, although full industrial touch, but still comfortable with all the details of the superhero might need. Check the following unique interior! This apartment was not large, only an area 90 square meters, but careful arrangement makes it look more spacious. Living room features  [ Read More ]

From the architect. Grey and Design are the keywords for the renovation of this apartment in Rome. The client, passionate about art and design, wanted a more modern and attractive space for her home, a place to meet friends and relax. She requested a transformation of her living room and to make the kitchen more comfortable. First, the wall that divides the living room from the kitchen was moved to enlarge the kitchen and take advantage of the space. Over the dining area and the entry a plaster ceiling was made which identifies the different functional areas of the open  [ Read More ]

This awesome apartment is located in Stockholm once home stylist Joanna Laven. Inspired by classic style seen in interior and wood flooring, you might be surprised after seeing them change every detail of this apartment. Joanna and her partner have work hard to realize their dream, apartment using a combination medieval and some traditional discovery. The room is perfect place for both warm and make anyone feel comfortable. There is little modern style here, especially the ceiling, it proves you can show that you can bring the elements of each decade into one beautiful room. source: design-milk


This stylish apartments that has made me crazy, designed by a graphic designer, Tanja Vibe and featured in Elle Decoration DK. The size of a large apartment forced me to take pictures in every corner of the room, while I was still spoiled with simple interior that feels airy and light. Color choice feels very comfortable to its owner, a space function as it should, maybe I also saw a large closet with a clever storage space. Here are the full details for you!