Bohemian home is located in Minnesota and look beautiful in aesthetics. It may be true location can really push the style of the house, but there is something very right about bohemian home located in tropical place. Carley and Jonathan Summers has fully embraced their south Florida lifestyle and have created space eclectic mix of global discovery and pieces beach. Carley is a photographer and interior stylist, and her husband CT technologist and musicians, Their 1922 West Palm Beach, FL rental came with incredible character, natural light, a historical neighborhood, and a serene sunroom that sold Carley and Jonathan on  [ Read More ]

Do you want to create relaxing space but full color and aesthetics? Bohemian style could be the most appropriate alternative to realize your dream space. Bohemian design is aimed at people who think outside the box, it does not bind you to create a room with certain rules. Bohemian interior is random and busy, there is no empty space in bohemian room. This style is identical with paintings, pillows and figurines. Bohemian word has been around since the 1800‘s, it was used for people who live a certain life, like a tramp or vagabond. Also used to describe people who  [ Read More ]