Home Theater Design : Batman Movie Themed

Get ready to receive the arrival Batman in your home, home theater on Batman movie theme will make the atmosphere more fun watching. Home theater decor feels has it’s own amazing bat cave, home theater design that takes this secret room themes can you wake up in basement. Your friends will definitely be surprised with home theater design ideas you have, the entire theatrical take home decorating ideas from original Batman movie, such as roof of the cave walls to secret room as you can see in Batman movies. Home  theater Batman provides a fairly plush, comfortable seating, sound systems and large screen views, this is home theater ideas that must be do you have in space below.

Black Chair in select because according to batman costume, batman themed wall hangings, a sliding bookcase makes home movie theater seems to save a lot of space mystery. On the back there is seating Batcomputer in the integration with exit of the tunnel model.

The sliding bookcase is not just a home theater furniture, inside are Bat Tumbler with a complete arsenal weapons, still less satisfied with Batman theme then you will also see Batman costume in the post as a decoration, the entrance using elevator adds to the thrill of watching movie more real. Do not confess to Batman fans when you don’t have a home theater design with Batman movie themed, get home theater ideas to plans to build a home theater.

source : io9


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