Albion avenue completely restored in Woodside, California. The project was completed by Ana Williamson Architects. Spacious interiors entirely overhauled to renew contemporary house built in the 1980s. The main focus of interior seen in kitchen to integrate two separate functional areas, namely cooking and dining area which includes food preparation area by removing walls. Using a rich palette of natural materials aimed at softening the large space. The main bathroom is structured as a retreat where clients can relax and enjoy their private courtyard garden. Here Albion avenue that offers a charming contemporary style, simply scroll down and get inspired!  [ Read More ]

Small house was first built in the 1940s as part of the Vanport village, located on 5 acres of property on Sauvie island and was originally a docker building to house the ship. At the end of 2008 a small house was bought by Jessica and Yianni, they are house renovations while maintaining the concept of an existing building. Limitations of space only 540 square meters to function optimally, rustic theme is the main attraction of the small house design complete with chicken farms, bees and cheese from goat’s milk and cow. Large room for interior, allowing kitchen, dining room  [ Read More ]

Attic apartments can be an alternative to building a comfortable, attic apartment is located in old town of Bilbao, Spain. Designed by interior designer Mikel Larrinaga, standing in an old building and take neoclassical ideas with stunning views of the patio. Attic apartment décor at first left a lot of classic style and old installation, Mikel lead out to a terrace house, creating a captivating aesthetic. After experiencing many changes in architecture attic apartment, the old floor has been turned into an apartment filled with light, the interior being amazing in a lot of comfort offered. Ceiling apartments destroyed to  [ Read More ]

Overby villas is a dream house designed by John Robert Nilsson Architects, located near a lake in Sweden and only has an area 250 square meters. Summer cottage with high comfort and quality in terms of design and precision of execution. All the solutions seem simple and unadorned. Net shape, the lines appear consistently filled the room. It is a villa intensive technologies, such as a piece of civilized life and order in natural areas in Stockholm archipelago. Bedroom with large glazed areas overlooking the sea. The entrance is very contrast, consists of plastered walls where the door opening height  [ Read More ]

This villa is amazing with lots of natural scenery on all sides, Zephyros villa located in Pomos, Cyprus is the design by Koufsoftides Architects. Challenges of this villa is expel the offending elements and create a single landscape design, Zephyros villa was originally built as family holiday, the family finally moved out of london and decided to settle in Cyprus and has a nice permanent holiday. The house is divided into two parts by inserting a terrace and a swimming pool in the middle room. Lives in Cyprus like living outside, therefore this villa has a terrace with some advance.  [ Read More ]