10 Best Collection of Bedroom Design with Attic Ideas


Do you want to have an extra bedroom but room in your house is not sufficient? There is a solution that is best for your issue with cool attic bedroom ideas. Build a bedroom on loft has many advantages that can be gained, you can take advantage of unused houses attic into a bedroom, in addition to bedroom loft is also more natural in lighting because it is located at very top of our homes.

Usually, house designs with attics have triangular shaped ceilings. Although usually the attic is synonymous with a room that is less elegant, so it is sometimes ignored and only used as a warehouse or storage area. In fact, there are many creative ways to rearrange an attic into a beautiful and comfortable room, and this time we want to turn it into a bedroom.

Best collection of bedroom design with attic ideas is a source of inspiration to create an extra bedroom, find more attic bedroom design and let us know about your favorite bedroom ideas.

1. The attic bedroom has a feminine feel with beautiful neutral colors.

2. Attic bedroom and cozy mini library for book lovers.

3. A fresh blue attic bedroom for the family.

4. This is a bedroom, workspace, and a place where you can relax all day.

5. Bring a chic modern impression to the attic bedroom with the right color choice.

6. A contrasting boho chic attic bedroom with bright yellow lights.

7. This isn’t just attic bedroom, but rather a man cave thick with industrial accents.

8. Tiny vintage style attic room with warm wood accents.

9. Feels like you’re outdoors, attic bedroom is filled with natural light and open walls.

10. Attic bedroom perfect for the festive season with a rustic style home.

source : pinterest


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