Aquarium Architecture : Footballers Pad Bespoke Aquarium

Fish tank or aquarium into the interior of the house is interesting, a combination aquarium cabinets with many people liked to beautify their homes and Aquarium Architecture is one of the designers are trying to mix both.

Aquarium Architecture : Footballers Pad Bespoke Aquarium Description :

“Working alongside an interior designer, Aquarium Architecture were commissioned to create a dazzling feature for a prominent Premiership footballer. The 6000 litre salt water reef aquarium is 13ft long and stands at an imposing 8ft high.

The tank houses hundreds of species of fish and a substantial live coral reef hand constructed and maintained by our expert team. The addition of a dedicated Wifi and SMS connection allows the aquarium to be monitored remotely 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.”






source : aquariumarchitecture


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