Citybook Bookcase: Flexible And Modular System by Antonella Di Luca

Citybook bookcase designed by Antonella Di Luca, a young designer native Bologna. Bookcase design is a flexible and modular system adapted to any space. This gives rise to a new variation Housebook, a project dedicated to the book, because it Citybook is a natural evolution of a single module, characterized by great flexibility and richness of texture.

Modules ranging from Housebook we design some interesting configurations combine single elements to one another, increasing the scale and keep changing the proportion born Citybook. Modules connected together by magnets positioned between the surface and the other, which allows maximum freedom composition. Citybook bookcase can be positioned so as to divide the room in the middle of the living room while maintaining a lightweight form. Modules and bases can be purchased at will and call the number or decidendone free to choose between the proposed composition.

source : design-milk


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