Small Japanese Gardens In Kofunaki House

Bringing garden ideas into indoor refers to large windows and sliding doors, Japanese architect has managed to solve it by bringing outside in concept literally. ALTS Design Office show Kofunaki House with small Japanese gardens that was completed in March, you will see Japanese home design that is filled with shrubs, succulents and some small trees. House is perfect for families who crave green space everywhere, enjoy.

Japanese people like to live with nature, such as two young partner companies, Sumiou Mizumoto and Yoshitaka Kuga, both native Shiga. Duo worked in an office located in rectangular housing development called “ecovillage,” which looks a bit like Masdar. The idea behind ecovillage, Shiga and future planning in general, is to provide different limits for development.

Mizumoto and Kuga believe if their goals include architectural community. They call Kofunaki House, a proposal for new life rich. Sometimes it may be inconvenient, or it may take time and more effort. They still continue project, however, natural light, comfortable breeze, and lots of plants provide more value than a place to live.

This house is more focused on interior, exterior therefore did not experience much change. Green elements that surround two story house is still being developed, floor turned into a gravel garden and green visible in many spaces. Plants under the stairs, hanging from the balcony, wood, and stone leading to attic area, natural concept will be more visible when you start to get in on it.

House has an area 1,400 square meters and is open throughout the space, allowing better integration between indoor and outdoor. ALTS intentionally using transparent curtain to share rooms, you will enjoy the changing seasons and time passed pleasantly.

source : fastcodesign