Wabi-sabi Inspired Space By Lorna De Santos

The room is completely inspired by Wabi-sabi, a Japanese culture that emphasizes refined art to take center stage. Showcased during the Madrid Design Festival, Casa Décor offers immersion in several worlds created by Spanish designers, decorators and architects. This year is the old bourgeois building in the center of the capital, which was taken over by the 55 original decor.

Among the many designs, one that caught the eye was an installation by the Iberian interior architecture studio, Lorna de Santos, which chose natural materials and colors, pure lines, and poetically revealed the subtle imperfections of raw materials. Designers want to emphasize the elements that exist in nature to develop singly in the room such as trees that come from window sills, walls, floors and ceilings made from a mixture of cement and marine debris flowing along the walls.

There is a unique fireplace behind an arched partition, while leather and ceramic pieces enhance the decor with its primitive beauty. Walk in the room, there are plenty of organic curves that offers a sensory experience that is gentle and soothing, supported by the harmony of furniture which are all floating in the same height. This room really carries all the spirit of the introspective Wabi-Sabi from Japan, a beautiful combination of nature and interior.

source: milkdecoration


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