Intersection Wooden House With Nature by Peter Bohlin Architects

Having wooden house in mountain with natural stunning charm to dream Dennis and Vicki Farrar, wooden house located in Park City, Utah was able to make them truly happy. Let’s take a look at wooden house design by Peter Bohlin architects who took the concept of intersection with nature, this L-shaped house with some unique space that will amaze you. You will be welcomed into the hall of steel columns and wood flooring a refreshing, long hallway looks natural scenery continuously until towards main entrance of living room. This house has an indoor pool and a 25-meter glass window into intersection with nature, allowing light to enter freely and give rainbow effect on pool water. Main room did not escape the attention, bed of the European classic style with stone fireplace, you can see ornaments of tribes Navajo blanket that hung over the window. Peter Bohlin architects also gave them wine cellar buried on a hill, so do not be surprised if owners house is very loved.







source : architecturaldigest


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