Top 15 Scandinavian Style Inspirations

Scandinavian style can always embellish the house, from time to time we will continue to feel comfortable staying in it. We hope you find a design that consists of a Scandinavian the house furniture, interior and exterior are awesome. Here are top 16 Scandinavian style to your inspirations, let’s enjoy together.

I love view of the snow covered trees that characterizes Scandinavian house, rustic feel and the fresh air makes everyone longs to return, this photo was taken around the chalet Austria.

Scandinavian style setting is attractive and functional, the bed linens hanging on the stairs makes it saves space.

Wow absolutely brilliant .. put a green bench that attaches the door is covered with antique mirrored panels. Furniture are very thick with Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian bedroom derived from the medieval terinpirasi with striped woolen blankets, time off would be more comfortable.

Almost like the other Scandinavian style house, swimming pool is also surrounded by trees covered in snow, you can imagine the fresh and cold soak in the pool.

Classic impression immediately apparent when looking at a wooden bench and a set of white table in a sunny window, while natural light can freely enter the room.

White dominates the Scandinavian interior design, such as the white chairs and couches surrounding a table below.

Canopy beds are very popular with Scandinavian style, a white bench and a pair of sheepskin rugs installed at the foot of the bed.

source : lonny


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