Wood Summer Houses Located In Denmark

Amazing summer house is located in Denmark, visually this traditional style house with wooden buildings and minimalist furniture in almost all parts. But there are interesting things from the house denmark, homeowners want to bring the natural atmosphere in the house, many white decor dominates supported with lots of open space although in some corner you will see an elegant black color. I feel the spirit of a warm summer in the house, let me invite you enjoy all the beauty of wood summer houses.

There is no direct living at home, but at the end of the bed long dining room is also too abundant. How nice to be able to lie down here and take a digestive after a great dinner, great for all the family couch.

Currently a kitchen, but in the old days there were room kitchen, hall and small room. Note the two trolleys on wheels, it is a design itself. This one space for gas bottles in the cupboard under. Both tables often run out on the terrace during the summer months, and then suddenly an outdoor kitchen.

White living room connected through the family room, decorating with greenery straight black leads from the hall to kitchen.

At the end of the house is denamrk classrooms. Homeowners work as a journalist, but trained as an architect. As in the rest of the property is a white painted wooden floor. Varde wood stove from the stove.


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