10 Best Rooms With Beautiful Tile Floors

Floor tiles can be beautiful works of art in the hands of creative people, whether it be through a pattern or color that will inspire you. Currently no longer neutral floors, floor to find his own way in the world and become as important as the walls. Today is my preferred floor decoration to beautify the home, from ceramic, porcelain, vinyl and everything between them. So make sure you check out 10 best room with beautiful tiled floor below!

Wing is floor tile in the collection of Bolon Studio from Bolon, using contemporary woven vinyl floor tiles that lets you create your own custom suit. For this look they blended some neutral gray tiles with super thick yellow creates dynamic visual for interior.

Textile Vinyl Composition Tiles (VCT) from Johnsonite actually created for commercial use, but they also will work for housing, especially in the kitchen or child’s playroom. Floor tiles is to use a random pattern in various colors to create cool and change the space visually stunning.

Mosaic design is the process of making tiles were painstakingly because each tile is placed into a small place and must be precise so that you can achieve the pattern you are looking for. Imagine the time required to complete the Tesserae Mosaic Studio tiled floor with rainbow theme for this bathroom!

Berlin nhow Hotel, dubbed The Music Lifestyle Hotel has electrical decorations designed by Karim Rashid. Ceramic laminate flooring in one of the hotel rooms is also printed with a graphic signature pattern Rashid.

This townhouse is located in London designed by Studio Toogood with bathroom floor which has a classic fixture that is paired with another classic, herringbone pattern. But it’s not just a run of the mill herringbone, this floor wearing a large white tile placed randomly colored tiles that break the pattern.

Lindsey Lang is a designer based in London, she introduced a graphical tile last year and I love how the electric blue pattern brings a modern touch to the traditional entrance at the bottom of this stairs.

Floor tiles using beautiful blue mosaic making all-white bathroom villa Midgard house, the design of these tiles designed by DAPstockholm.

Black and white pattern used to look good in this room, full of natural wood and white details. Monochromatic tiles with and without patterns into works of art to beautify the room.

This floor may look like weathered wood but they really porcelain tiles from Beaumont Tiles. Faro tiles provide the look of reclaimed wood without all the splinters. You can mix the colors to get the look you want.

Kismet tile into a tile floor coverings collection with patterns and color options that can be converted. This makes your flooring choice is really endless, so maybe one of them can be applied in your own room.

source: design-milk


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