Collection Of Unique Furniture From Manoteca

I particularly liked the collection of unique furniture from Italian designer Elisa Cavani. Their collection is displayed in Manoteca the original form will be retained and kept as close to original condition. Furniture gives a touch of genuine and lasting, wood is the main element that represents the feelings of the past, so the older the age of the wood, the higher is also the element of art. Take a look at some of the following furniture collection of and will surprise you!

Original tricycle in 1960’s iron, complete with saddle, pedals and handlebars in re-used leather. Comes with an adjustable headlight and book-holding rack. The power cord is 5 meters long.

This indoor table is made from vintage exterior doors. These doors are authentic Italian pieces from the end of 19th century . Each one is made of solid Chestnut wood and weighs 40 Kg. When closed, it functions as a dining table for 6/8 people. When opened, it’s a study desk with 4 leather pockets and a wooden drawer.

Old wood-artisan and carpenter’s desk in solid wood, a clamp and a sink.

An isle. 4 people gather around it. The one who cooks, the one that eats. Light. Everything comes together, everything’s right there.

Box sir is built from an uneven iron frame and wooden boxes from the beginning of the century which have been carefully restored. If you take it apart, Box Sir will continuously change shape and use. By taking away the boxes, you’re left with a open surfaces you can put anything on.

Adjustable stool with leather hand-sewn seat.


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