Stylish And Practical IKEA Lurvig Collection For Pet lover’s

Good news for pet lover’s around the world, IKEA now has announced their product is slightly different time than usual because it is designed for pets. LURVIG is a new contemporary furniture line made specifically for cats, dogs and other small domestic pets. LURVIG collection consists of a variety of purposes that your pet will spoil them, consisting of a soft bed for dogs and cats, house by foot to cats, cushions for dogs, and even a small pet carrier that is comfortable. Everything looks stylish and practical and certainly integrates with any kind of furniture in your home. Curious? Let’s check one by one.

1. LURVIG cat house on legs

  • You can place the cat house on legs, hang it on the wall or slide the house into KALLAX shelf unit.
  • The cat house can also be used as a practical nightstand that the cat can crawl in and you can have small things close at hand on top.
  • The small opening makes your cat feel safe.
  • On the front side there’s a scratching wall where your cat can sharpen their claws.
  • Stands firm without damaging the floor since the ends of the legs are covered with rubber.

2. LURVIG cat and dog bed

  • You can quickly and easily create an even larger sleeping space by folding out the seat cushion.
  • The cover is easy to keep clean since it’s removable and can be machine washed.

3. LURVIG cat bed with pad

  • You can build the cat bed in 3 different ways: as a cozy house with a small opening, as a soft bed with sides and a high back or as a comfortable nook with medium-high walls.
  • Easy to keep clean since the cover is removable and machine washable.

4. LURVIG cushion

  • Easy to keep clean since the cover is removable and machine washable.
  • Easy to carry since the cushion has a handle.

5. LURVIG pet carrier

This pet carrier is very practical and comfortable for your pet, available in a stylish black and green combination. And now you are ready to go.


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