Colorful Google/Youtube Office By HLW

Who is not familiar with Youtube? One of the video sharing website created by three former PayPal employees. In 2006 the official YouTube was purchased by Google and authorized to operate as a subsidiary of Google. Lately Google has just added a new colorful office located in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. This office was designed by HLW and many use features bold colors representing Google. The new Youtube Office is a wonderful combination between the social and employment. This is not the kind of traditional office where neutral colors and a small work space crowded, this is a modern space that is fun because Google is aware of employees happier more productive and efficient than depressed employees who only work because they need money. Even so Google still provides a more formal office, the actual office, but is still comfortable and refreshing. Office equipped with a cafe industry influence. There is also a lounge area and a recreation room where employees can play in the pool, read a book, play billiard and chat. This is an awesome way to motivate employees, good offices and actually reveal the essence of the company he represents. Here are some pictures of Google/Youtube office inspiring!


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