Cozy Beach House With Vintage Wooden

This cozy beach house located in beautiful coastal city of Victoria, Merricks. Designed by the owner with shades an vintage wood everywhere, little boho and retro design becomes main character from this house owner. The first time I saw reminded me the 50’s, this house was originally is home holidays, design quickly evolved into a home perfectly planned which provide ample space and privacy, even when four-bedroom home filled with family and friends. Downstairs are two wings, which accommodates a guest bedroom on one side and family bedroom on the other side, divided by breezeway wide open. Upstairs accessed by a glass enclosed spiral staircase that interrupts main core building. The main living room is beautiful open space that offers unspoiled scenery beach to surrounding farmland.

Shape unique house interior perfectly resolved, a rainbow filled amazing color palette, while refreshing contrast to cold white walls. Using an open kitchen shelf, mint green joinery. Garden also very natural. Native coastal plants creates little from a secret garden with garden path that leads to strange environment. At end of the path is well trodden sweet little cubby house, built by family on weekends, complete with it’s own wooden boat.

source: sharedesign


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