Functional Dog House Sofa By Seungji Mun

Dog house sofa is shown in m.pup furniture products for pets, designer  Korean Seungji Mun be the person responsible for it. M.pup produce products that improve the harmony between humans and pets, share their emotions and feelings, and communicate with each other. Many people do not really think about how the dog was abandoned and cause serious environmental problems, so functional dog sofa is a way to solve this problem. Increasing number of nuclear families, pets side by side with those who establish themselves as human companions. Currently the house is not only for humans but also for pets. This dog house sofa is perfect as a tool to communicate and share feelings between humans and pets, furniture is good enough to whet the curiosity of your pet. Sofa material consists of solid wood and fabric, combining the couch and the dog house will provide a new space between humans and pets.


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