Fusion Pool Dining Tables For Home And Office

This billiard table strikes me as a real concept contemporary table for home and office. But actually more of contemporary table, fusion table is new dimension to your dining room. In it offers a timeless style that is modern, sleek, table design also offers high quality 7 foot American pool table, games, poker or roulette table. Fusion Table concept carries a wooden table with good proportions, elegant and lightweight, state of art techniques to enjoy great moments with family and friends without having to sacrifice one room of your house.

Table features a rigid frame structure with gray powder coating solid metal, slate playing surface of single piece for avoid problems leveling without a heating system, a nice wood frame and 3 wooden tops to cover table. Pieces wood made from lacquered wood veneer for perfect finition and elegant. This Table can be adjusted for height of pool table and dining table. Fusion Table is unique table quickly and easily switch from eating position (75 cm) to 7,5 cm in position to play higher. your can choose one of 4 different types of wood: Walnut, Wenge, Natural Oak, Grey Oak. your can also choose one of 12 different colors. Look at pool table design following and surprise your friends!

source: archiproducts


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