Gorgeous Crafts Furniture From Sukha-Amsterdam

If you’re visiting Amsterdam then do not miss a visit to a gorgeous shop Sukha-Amsterdam is located right in downtown Amsterdam, famous for their crafts furniture and eco-friendly mindset, unique items and labels. The store was founded by Irene Mertens, curator of goods with continuous background, one advantage of Sukha-Amsterdam is redecorated goods, not the result of design or production. Beautiful color furniture collection is dominated by shades of white, gray, black, and natural. Here is the meaning according to their stores, “Visiting the shop Sukha was a wonderful experience with one-off poems and doodles that puts a smile on your face. Sukha means ‘joy of life’ in Sanskrit-is the only Sukha, a bundle of joy”. Take a look at some of their beautiful collection of images below!

source: sfgirlbybay


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