These Modular Cat Tree Integrated With Your Interior


For pet lovers, especially cats, it is very important to build a friendly area for them. Anyone would love to have a smart cat and unwittingly they are our faithful friends in the current circumstances, we welcome when I go home or to play with when we feel sad. Whatever it is, cats are the best friends of humans. Cats are known to be intelligent and manageable creatures, you train them to do a lot of things and let them know where their territory in the house is as well as areas where they are not allowed to play. For some reason, the cat tree is the best and very common furniture. Here, your cat can relax, play, and even take a nap to maintain its energy productively in this tree-like furniture.

If the cat tree usually has a great shape and it often takes a lot of places in the house, Bien Bien Cat Tree will handle your problem thanks to the elegant design and a pleasing visual aesthetics. Designed by Cheng-Liang Wu and Chia-Wen Lin, this cat tree has won the Golden Pin Design award. This is an amazing product that meets the needs of both you and your beloved cat. You can easily build a modular cat tree all by yourself, with its modularity allowing it to be assembled in a variety of ways, according to your preferences, the area where you want to put them, and of course the mood of your cat.


Bien Bien Cat Tree has several options shelf to put your valuables, and equipped with tiny crevices for pets to sleep and play. Several accessories can be installed as a means of entertainment for your cat, and underneath is a small hammock.


This cat tree is designed to make it easier for your cats to climb from one level to another, and the lattice-like sections create a comfortable privacy for them. This is a secure area where they can enjoy the company of their own without really felt isolated from the surrounding environment. Downstairs is also a great place to place bowls of food and water for their needs.


This cat tree has a clean and neat wooden structure, elegant wood materials and a minimal aesthetic that allows it to be integrated into your interior. It stands as a play area at the same cat furniture that becomes part of your home.


source: yankodesign


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