Latest Collection Of IKEA Catalog 2015

IKEA always displays the latest catalog every year, so do not be surprised if they become a collection of the most awaited publication. Catalog this year became the inspiration for those who work in the design, either interior or fashion, and now IKEA is available in pdf format for easy download. You can also easily access them from your iPhone, tablet, or laptop. IKEA catalog 2015 consists of 166 pages in an attractive design and are waiting for your sweet collection, available also on-line content that is compatible with Issuu Clip, this is an application that allows you to make comments and see other commentators on catalog design. This technology is expected to get good response for all those who love IKEA, IKEA especially this year focus on the bedroom and bathroom. The following statement Patty Lobell, Sales Manager, IKEA USA which says “Everyone went to sleep and wake up, but everything in between moments that are very personal. We all have individual needs when it comes to our morning and evening routines. “For those who are curious about the latest collection of IKEA catalog 2015, here I show a beautiful design for next year. Simply scroll down and start dreaming!

source: stylisheve


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