Legacy House Memories From Robin Williams

This article will review legacy house memories from Robin Williams, as we know the actor and comedian, died at Regional Marin, California, United States, August 11, 2014 at the age of 63 years due to suicide. Although rumored to have quite a lot of forest, it turns out Robin Williams still has considerable assets luxurious house. One is a house located in California. Initially this magnificent building commonly called the Villa Smile. But since the death of its owner usual bright shades covering this building as lost, and replaced with sadness. Robert was formerly ordinary to decorate buildings valued at $ 30 million this with a smile and laughter. But now the house is empty and quiet an impression as if he also mourn for the lost of its owner. Age of the building is actually not too old, because Robert has built it in 2003 Various luxury amenities such as a pool, large yard and others are more that will be found in buildings constructed on an 650 acres.

This house has five main bedrooms, which certainly would make occupants very comfortable. In addition there are six bathrooms with full facilities and five small rooms in it. In 2012, Robin was trying to sell the house at a price of $ 35 dollars, but no one was that interested buyers. Then last April 2014, he tried to sell it again at a price of $ 30 million, but has yet to find a buyer until now. Here’s a photo collection of legacy Robin Williams house, maybe you are interested to have it!


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