Minimalist Scandinavian House By Ashley Barlow

Walking in the new house collage artist and graphic designer Ashley Barlow really fun, house located in St. Louis Park, Minnesota has Ashley occupy about two and a half years ago with his family. Looking into the home decoration, very viscous mixture of rustic, vintage look modern and minimal with Scandinavian style. She loves old treasures and hunt to find them, and therefore Ashley wants to downsize like buying antiques at bargain prices or take some old furniture that still looks good. Ashley describe house as of the unique, bizarre and graphic nature. She interested in the play of color, light image with something that is not eternal and focus on composition, coating the walls with paper, acrylic, interior accents and illustrations. Outside the studio Ashley is a graphic designer who focuses on illustration and hand-lettering, so she wants to show layers and imagination in the style of home decor. Here are the photos of Ashley Scandinavian house, thank you for the incredible inspiration!


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