Simple Home Office With Beautiful Plants

This home office has undergone little change, with DIY shelf and more space for computer stations. Simple work space is also more fun with addition of plants and some wall space dedicated to the work projects. I love the color choices shown, I think it suits to girl work spaces.

Chalkboard wall will be retained from old studio, This is place to store project which will edit artwork and design is also home to list of future projects. Wall board is very helpful to keep in the back of your mind and do not pass go. Interesting ideas that could be an alternative for you, will help you make big change in gain inspiration.

This beautiful plant ideas occurs unintentionally, initially backyard has been taken over by piles of garbage and workers, so plant is taken from outside and just buy a few pots at home depot. They are very affordable, as you only need to spray paint the pot and suddenly all the world was really like plants.

source: smittenstudioonline


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