Swedish Apartment With Mid-Century Style

This apartment have mid-century style, located in Malmö, Sweden using the ceiling decoration of the most amazing and beautiful parquet floors, it looks soft and elegant. Apartment are also equipped with three bedrooms makes it even more special, colossal decorative fireplaces, and closet are store all your fashion needs. The owner is stylist Sara Persson Lagerberg and her partner Julius, has been renovated with new and modern furniture, such as sofas and tables were purchased black former, while the sofa gray originate from previous home. The end result they managed to create a home that is eclectic, surprising and really comfortable.

I am interested in the mid-century style, where all peeled back with photo frame background. Stacked magazines and art add personality and sense of simplicity to the apartment, they seemed to want to collect personal pieces that tell a story about the owner. Enjoy the apartment ideas below, photographed by Petra Bindel and styled by Emma Persson Lagerberg for Elle Interior Sweden.


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