The Beautiful Home In Melbourne

This beautiful house is located in Melbourne, designer Emily Ewright of Nancybird and Robert Dabal are the people behind the design of this house. The house is full of light as well as the office of Emily to work everyday. There are a variety of interesting art in this house, like the living room next to the painting grandmother Emily, Vietnamese propaganda posters, paintings left by Mitjili Napurrula below. Carpets from India, leather footstool of Marrakech, a basket of Ceres Nursery. Let me invite you to look further!

The master bedroom is my favorite. There is a photograph grandmother Emily was 18, Tambourine from Camberwell Market, vintage light bulb from Grandpa Axe, picture of Rob skiing from Chamonix, jewelry from friend Emily in Polli, lovehate, Rubyteva Design, and Kate Rodhe.

The rear garden is also no less beautiful, Rob did all the paving and stone work on the outside “said Emily.” I helped a little, but mostly made of tea cups and planted gardens’. It is an interesting combination with the house mostly using wood as the base material.

The open kitchen is equipped multifunctional storage rack, ceramic pendant lamp comes from the Hand and Eye Studio in the UK, macrame hanging pots of stampel Studio, vase (left) of Bridget Bodenham. Kitchen by Damien Wright Wright Studios.

Bedroom furniture from Ikea, framed photograph by Gray Malin, bedside table homemade by Emily and Dad, bedcovers and pillows designed by Emily for her label, Nancybird.

Design living room larger, visible from the dining room and kitchen improvement. Leather sofa from Axe, Light from Safari Living. Wait, there is no beautiful fireplace!

Incoming light creates an internal light well. Plants macrame hangers by stampel Studio, float glass of Kyo in Ocean Grove. Paintings by Colleen Kantawarra top, bottom painting by Gaye Coyne.

Bathroom with beautiful natural light with an elegant blue tiles, enough distance to shoot and toilets we can frame out. There is little greenery there, this is really amazing!

source: thedesignfiles


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