10 Coolest DIY Wall Hook And Coat Rack Ideas

Bored with wall hooks and coat rack you are mediocre? This time I want to inspire you to look at coolest various collections deserve to have. Even some DIY wall hooks can make your own with recycled materials. So we just started from the most unique!

Well suited for you who like the design like me.

This is for you who like Ninja, one of the secret weapons of Ninja this will definitely be a cool wall hooks.

Glance looks like a real knife, but you don’t worry because this is just a replica of the wall hook knife that should be safe for coat hook.

You like to play darts? If you like it, then do not miss to collect this wall hooks in your room.

Adorable dog tail are very suitable for hangers in kids room.

Who does not like the colorful design? The wall hooks will make decorating your room more varied.

Versatility is the right word for this wall hooks, other than for hangers, can also create a keys storage and mail.

This can make your own, using the door handle or unused.

Tree branch can also be a useful work.

This is the least cheap because it uses only a rock as a wall hook, maybe you just need a little creativity to make it.

Similarly, 10 DIY wall hooks and coat rack ideas, may be useful. If you like it then I will come back with DIY more interesting, hopefully can help and get inspired!


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