15 Original Kitchen With Pop Colors

We sometimes forget that the original kitchen provide comfort and soothing atmosphere. This time we will fall to original kitchen, for those of you who want originality in the house then we start with kitchen. Pop colors for walls and floors, colorful furniture, wallpaper, and many more. You can also see the original kitchen ideas surprising in this article, here are some incredible designs to make your kitchen like no other, just enjoy 15 original kitchen and get inspired!


First we will go to the kitchen with original wallpapers, express excitement and original in your kitchen, choose some wallpaper with a pattern or color to the original. Some reflected in the furniture.

A kitchen with storage height is highly efficient and versatile. I liked the idea ladder leaning high shelf, like a big library. It also will be a place for towels and aprons, and be original decorative element in your kitchen.

Kitchen with work plan colorful looks refreshing. Although not always expect the work plan, but yellow can bring the spirit and personality to your kitchen.

The kitchen two colors are brilliant. To avoid too clean white look in the kitchen, we played in contrast by painting the walls and closet doors in two bright or pastel colors like this kitchen.

Kitchen with curved furniture is also quite unique, curved furniture like this is enough to make your original cuisine!

Kitchen with corner gives a feel of fresh greens. To bring life and warmth to your kitchen, nothing is better than a small green patch that you can make with a few potted plants and flowers.

You definitely love this kitchen design, cube-shaped compact and sleek for your kitchen. This will definitely save a lot of space in your home.

Associated with furniture gray and white, pink has a place in the original kitchen. This color is very suitable for women and make the room brighter.

Kitchen with floor lighting gives a comfortable atmosphere in this kitchen. Ground lighting with motion detectors make your kitchen is different.

A kitchen with colorful details are carefully placed, kitchen show the character and authenticity.

Colorful kitchen floor is the easiest. We tend to forget, but floor is a touch of originality from your kitchen!

Kitchen with ceramic furniture looks authentic and luxurious.

Kitchen with original window looks unusual for this kitchen with circular openings reminiscent of the shape of the boat.

Who said the book was to remain confined to the living room or bedroom? Cookbook you can save here or your favorite novels can offer a unique and warm decor for kitchen.

The final choice fell on kitchen with reading nook. We all dream of a comfortable kitchen like this with a reading corner where we could snuggle.

source: maison-deco


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