20 Turkish Kilim Rugs With Ethnic Style

Eastern world has the greatest influence on the spread of rugs in the world. One type of rug that is quite popular and has high artistic value is kilim which is a traditional oriental rug. This rug very attractive because of several factors. So, what is it kilim? Kilim itself is woven carpets are made in the traditional way or still use manual way to be woven. This type of carpet is very popular among immigrants. In addition, Kilim rugs also has long been used as a coating to seal the floor, household appliances, tents, and also to decorate the house to make it look more beautiful. These rugs is widely used and has spread to many countries. However, with the wide spread is by no means indicates that these carpets are of inferior quality. Instead, these carpets are of good quality with professional workmanship of the artisans Kilim. Kilim weaving technique has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries make a rug in the East is not only considered just a craft but an art. Therefore, each handmade rug looks so unique.

The main advantages of Kilim rugs addition to having a beautiful design also has no fiber and is easily cleaned so that rug is suitable as part of the interior and is suitable for everyday use – day. Kilims also have ancient ethnic ornament decoration that gives unique characteristics to this traditional rug. Traditional Iranian rugs have a characteristic motif with diamond shapes and a variety of geometric shapes that comes in green, red, pink, ivory, or blue. Turkish kilim actually used to pray and made of coarse fiber. The middle is usually solid and pattern are at the edge. Traditional colors for rugs of whom are blue, red, brown, and yellow. Currently kilim rug manufacturing technology did not change significantly since the beginning of this rug is created. Geometric patterns became the most popular and traditional colors are also coupled with the color purple and turquoise. Then, where the right place to put the rugs Kilim? The answer is simple, You simply put it in on the floor that are free or there is no furniture in it. If you have a lot of furniture, you may have to choose a carpet with a larger size. In addition, it is also suitable combined rug in leather furniture, rattan furniture, glassware, as well as Moroccan lamps. The following 20 kilim rug style suitable for all interior!


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