3D Ocean Epoxy Floors For Every Room

Everyone definitely surprised to see your floor with 3D epoxy floors, a decor that will transform your bathroom or toilet into an attractive outdoor space. The theme of ocean by using oblique photos and several layers of transparent, now you can enter atmosphere of the ocean floor, fish, and corals in the house. 3D epoxy flooring designed by Imperial, a company from Dubai have cornered the market floor for the current 3D design, but this product is too popular for a long stay exclusive. According to Imperial, liquid 3D floors is the latest innovation was first used in hotels, offices and shopping centers. However, they insist it is a misconception that only the decorative screed can be used in the bathroom or toilet. In fact, 3D floor is suitable for every room, if you do not believe see below for some 3D floor ideas, if you dare!

source: imperialae


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