Unique Log Billiard Tables From Aspen Rustic

The billiard table is made using wood from Colorado and Wyoming. A very unique table handmade here in the Roaring Fork Valley near aspen, lodgepole burl pool tables is sure to capture attention in rustic retreat. Each and every corner offers a different view of the unique character of this wood. Log harvested from the high mountains of Wyoming and Colorado. Each log chosen carefully, sanded and finished reveal great character and beauty. This will make your pool room as a gathering place amazing. As well as a billiards table of this caliber, the quality of play depending on the table a solid, sturdy and hold for a long period. Aspen Rustic has managed to take additional steps and do it right for the collection pool table.

From the architects, It goes without saying that each log is unique, each burl is unique and the artistic interpretation of our craftsmen is very unique. There will be no two alike, ever!  With the help of our design studio staff, together we can create a Aspen Rustic Billiard Table with just the right character and texture for your mountain or western lodge.


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