15 DIY Copper Shine In The Kitchen

White and clean kitchen is favorite for everyone, but it would be more beautiful if you add copper to see there. But sometimes we do not possible to renovate it back because I think it will require no small cost. That is where you need to overcome clever DIY. 15 This project, in various interesting ideas to satisfy your every desire. Copper chosen because inexpensive and low commitment, the perfect way to add a little shine in your kitchen. Scroll down and find your own style!

If you love indoor plants, copper shelves this might be the best option.

DIY copper shelves

A basic copper bar for hanging your pots and pans. It brings a beautiful rustic vibe to any kitchen.

DIY copper pipe ladder. Perfect for hanging dish towels or pots and pans.

DIY copper and leather wine rack.

Copper wall hooks.

DIY copper pipe paper towel holder.

DIY copper inspiration board. Use it to save recipes, or just hang up pretty things to look at while you’re washing the dishes.

DIY copper iPad holder. Perfect for propping up your iPad when you need to look at a recipe.

DIY copper and wood hanging light.

DIY copper knobs.

Believe it or not, you can actually DIY your own copper faucet.

DIY copper pipe shelves.

DIY copper chairs.

Or if you prefer a paper towel holder that sits on the counter, try this DIY.

source: apartmenttherapy


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