20 Minimalist Kitchens With Exposed Brick Walls

Kitchen selection with a minimalist design using bricks is a lot popular today. Exposed brick walls can give amazing feel and rustic impression to any room in your home. They work very well in the kitchen, where they created a warm and provide comfort after you tired with your busy schedule. Exposed brick walls also allow it to provide creative ideas about how to organize your kitchen space, depending on the type of decoration you want. The key is to choose right style to fit your kitchen concept to add pieces of brick walls that match the look as you wish. Exposed brick can give impression of a charming rural, so you might want to give the rest of room in your kitchen with little rough, it would seem natural to complement the wall. Choose wood cabinets with natural texture, choose a tune with your exposed brick. To really decorate with a rural look, select a timber with clear texture. When choosing paint colors, select shades that have a shade like brown, white, gray, or black.

source: pinterest


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