20 Modern Indoor Garden With Scandinavian Style

Initially I was not too fond indoor plants, so I started to get rid of succulent plants after only one month. But after seeing some inspiration from the web, I was deeply saddened by the incident. There are so many creative ideas about how to decorate your home with plants that maybe I could find the proper encouragement to try again. After all, I decided to go shopping plant last week, which made me re-excited and happy to track more green. I do not want to repeat past mistakes because I think it was around plants just makes me so happy, and it really feels soothing. The rooms all have modern touch of green, living things in it that looks so refreshing and beautiful, especially with all the decorations. Greenish look great for any room, and I really consider Scandinavian style with some white. So this will be my next DIY project, look at the plants indoors gallery below and help me find the best idea, I hope you also enjoy it!


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