35 Awesome IKEA Kura Beds For Kids

There’s so much we can do with Ikea products, maybe one of them you have heard of Ikea hacks for kids? Using famous pieces from Ikea, they are transformations that everyone at home will love it as Kura bed. Ikea Kura bed is recommended for children aged 6 years and older, Kura can be used not only for room with the children but also if you have only one child. It is a functional bed, the bottom can be used as a play zone or vice versa, and you can even eliminate the entire under the bed to create a cozy corner for your kids. If you already have everything but bored with the look of Ikea Kura simple bed, then today we’ll try to inspire you to change the model Ikea Kura bed becomes look awesome. Interested in how to do it? Scroll down and look at the picture below!


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