3D Printed Pokemon Planter Pots For Your Desk

Who does not know Pokemon? If you are a child or a parent between the mid-90s, then you’re probably familiar with Pokemon Bulbasaur. Especially now Pokemon again present in mobile games is quite popular. Thanks to designers Anqi Chen from PrintAWorld, monster plant is trying to start up from screen into the real world. They are joined by their fellow, a Pokemon character understated, Oddish. Chen has designed these two characters reimagined as small planters in the backs and their heads. The Bulbasaur and Oddish planters created on 3D printer using ABS plastic, which is the same material used to make Lego. This material is very lightweight, durable under direct sunlight, has a fine fiber, and shiny like a porcelain. Each picture comes with one drainage holes and are available in various colors, including the one that glows in the dark. They are very cool to put a few cactus, aloe vera and your favorite succulent. If you include a fan of Pokemon, then immediately have a collection of rarest 3D Pokemon pots on your desk!

source: mymodernmet


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