Amazing Apartment With Superhero Bedroom Theme

Amazing apartment 107 square meters by Vae Design Group designed for families with two kids. The main area includes a living room, bar, kitchen and dining room. Because the owners have two children, the apartment divides two color schemes, separate apartments located shower and bathtub, this provides absolute ease of use for a large family. Apartment combine different textures, harmonious color monochrome emphasizing each other, increasing the charm for contrasting color accents. Superhero bedroom theme for two kids they have everything they want. This post will give you not only ideas decorating, but also find artwork that inspired comics and superhero movie, so you can treat your own kids into a room that looks as cool as this.

There are so many superhero here because each bedroom enjoys a different superhero too. Framed prints Batman and Superman are favorites each sibling. Do not miss a little Batman and Spiderman figure on the floor.

Kids will love this wall murals. Captain America peered around from behind the climbing, and Spiderman oversees table to encourage children to do the best in their homework.


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