Casa Cook Hotel With Ethnic Chic Decor In Rhodes

Long holiday still leaves a lot of fun for all families, and if you do not already have plans for this holiday then a hotel in Rhodes could be the best option. Casa Cook Hotel is one hotel that offers ethnic chic decor different from the hotel you have ever visited before. This is best travel destination for those who want a quiet getaway with Bohemian lifestyle. Let’s check and immediately take the first plane to go, happy holidays!

About Casa Cook Hotel,

Casa Cook stands for a new breed of beach hotels, inspired by the spirit of our times. Each with a distinct personality: no one-size-fits-all architecture or repetitive interiors. Always individual, always laid-back. Created for trend-conscious travellers and brought to you by Thomas Cook.

Bringing a cosmopolitan zeitgeist to the beach is the driving idea behind Casa Cook. How do we do it? We start with a great location, infuse it with stylish, destination-inspired design, stir in a community feel with mellow vibes, and serve up healthy food with a side of local flavours and off-site adventures. And of course we wouldn’t forget the creature comforts – from heavenly beds to the fluffiest towels.


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